WordPress Repair & Maintenance Services in Bangalore

Leave the technical stuff to us, You just concentrate on Your Passion


Websites built with WordPress works perfectly as long as the things are going on perfectly and all the plugins and themes do not conflict with each other and compatible with the version of WordPress that is running on your website. If one thing goes out of sync, then the website may start behaving crazily or may not work at all.

With over 15 years of experience, we have handled numerous number of WordPress related issues such as issues raised because of auto updates, improper migrations, corrupted databases etc., With all that experience, we will efficiently fix your website issues and bring it back to life.


Developing a website using WordPress CMS is easy but one may have to maintain their website properly in order to make it not vulnerable to attackers. The maintenance including taking backups of database / entire website periodically, upgrading the WordPress, Plugins, Themes and checking their mutual compatibility etc.,

While the above things can be handled by a technical person easily, many website owners find it difficult to do the same, especially when they are from non technical background. We do maintain the websites for our clients, so that our clients can concentrate on more important things.

A bit more about our WordPress Repair & Maintenance services in Bangalore


We Fix your WordPress website

There are several reasons for a WordPress based website for not functioning properly and several times the website do not work at all and simply show a blank page.

The reasons for a WordPress based website not functioning properly may include

  • Your WordPress version may got updated automatically and your theme is not compatible with it
  • Your WordPress version may got updated automatically and one or more of your installed plugins is/are not compatible with the updated version
  • Your Theme may be interfering with one or more of your plugins functionality.
  • Your plugins may not be compatible with each other
  • You might have migrated to a new server, where the migration was not done properly
  • You have updated your theme which is not compatible with the version of WordPress you are using
  • You might be using a theme that you have downloaded from a non reliable source, which might have compromised your website.
  • You might have dowloaded a plugin from a non reliable source, which compromised your website
  • If you download a Free theme from a not reliable place, several times, the Free theme developer places malicious code inside the code
  • You did not secure your website properly
  • You might have left the option of registrations open to all, which might have used by hackers who bombard your website with thousands or millions of fake registrations which will make your Database become too fat
  • You may not be verifying the comments and your comment spam might have increased the Database size to extremely large.
  • Some options from plugins such as WooCommerce may sometimes save so many things such as user sessions in the database which will make it bloat


We Maintain Your WordPress Website

If you do not maintain your WordPress based website, it may easily start not functioning properly soon.

Based on the type of the website, there are several things one may have to look after, after the development process is over. They may include

  • Taking backups of your entire website periodically
  • Taking backups of your website Database periodically
  • Upgrading the website to the latest version of WordPress.
  • Upgrading the plugins carefully so that they do not conflict with each other
  • Updating the Theme and check the compatibility with WordPress and Plugins
  • Checking the logs to avoid any possible attacks on the site
  • Checking the logs for any unusual activity

User Experience

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